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Stuff: 7 Clues To Become The (ONe)

This was a contest The Panic Channel had going while they were out on the road for their first tour. The idea was to give out seven clues over the three week period they were touring, and each clue gave a word. The seven words would then have to be arranged into a riddle, and the (ONe) lucky fan who figured out the one word answer to the riddle first would be thanked in the liner notes of their album.

Clue #1 - "Ask The Ouija Girl" (05/12/06)

This clue was found in the Downloads section of the TPC website. One of the wallpapers there shows a girl with an ouija board. If you open the "Standard" version, you'll notice a hint in the lower right hand corner:

After searching "Night One" on youTube, there is a video that shows the first word being written.

Clue #2 - "Take A Ride In The Panicmobile" (05/19/06)

To find "The Panicmobile," you had to search through the Misc. Photos to find Dave's Grand National (second row, first picture). If you clicked on the caption, "The Panicmobile," you would be taken to a video that reveals the next word.

Clue #3 - "Seek Dave's 6" (05/27/06)

Found in Dave's biography in the Band section. In the upper right hand corner of his picture, there is a "6," if you click it, it reveals the third word.

Clue #4 - "Under Everything You See" (05/30/06)

This clue was at the very bottom of the home page. There is a sigil below the links to the other sections on the site. Once clicked, it reveals a hint.

Now for a history reminder, The Warren Report was about JFK's assassination at the grassy knoll in Dallas, TX. The only thing that relates to that location on the site is a video of "Blue Bruises" recorded there while they were on the road. Towards the end of the video, a word appears as Steve sings it.

Clue #5 - "Bluebird Theatre, Denver Colorado" (06/03/06)

For this clue, it was easiest to visit the thread for this show on the Asylum. Within the posts, a board member posted a picture of Dave's guitar that had "/clue5" written on it. To get to this clue, you would have to open "" in your browser to load a video.

Clue #6 - "Join Stephen's Drum Circle" (06/06/06)

The video for this clue was found in the Links section. Among Stephen's links, there is one for "Spherical Percussion" (5th row down, 3rd link over).

Clicking it reveals a video of a woman with "FROM" written on her.

Clue #7 - "Be an Outsider" (06/07/06)

There are two parts to this clue. The first part was in a thread started in the "Outsider" forum on the Asylum. Clicking the link brings up a video with the following clue to part two:

From there, you'd have to go to Chris' Photos. Though there is no actual picture there, if you click on the sigil on the last picture in the third row, there is a caption that reads "Hell is your decision." Clicking it brings up a video of someone walking down Sunset Blvd, and entering Shamrock Tattoo, and it zooms in on a page of designs available that includes the final clue.

The correct arrangement of the clues for the riddle is: "From These Seeds The Black Phoenix Rises"

The answer to this riddle is "ASHES."

All pictures on this page are taken from various areas of The Panic Channel website.

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