David Michael Navarro

Date of Birth: 06/07/1967
Place of Birth: Santa Monica, CA
Current Residence: Beverly Hills, CA
Spouse: Carmen Electra [married 11/22/03]

Publishing Title: Embryotic Music
Current Projects: The Panic Channel, Camp Freddy
Past Projects: South Dakota Railroad (highschool), Dizastre (highschool), Jane's Addiction (2/86 to 9/26/91; 10/18/97 to 12/8/97; 4/26/01 to 2004), Deconstruction (late '91/early '92 to 1994), Red Hot Chili Peppers (1994 to early 1998), Honeymoon Stitch (1995), Ruined Eye (1996), Nancy Raygun (1999)

At the age of 15, after his parents getting divorced, Dave's mom, Constance Hopkins, was shot and killed, along with his aunt, by his mothers ex-boyfriend. Dave would have been shot and killed too, if his dad hadn't invited Dave to spend the night over at his house. Dave writes some of this happening in his book, "Don't Try This At Home."

[Jane's Addiction]:
Dave joined Jane's Addiction in February of 1986 when they were in search of a guitarist, and the drummer, Stephen Perkins, nominated Dave because they were in a speed-metal band in highschool called Dizastre. His first show with Jane's was at Be Live in Los Angeles on March 21, 1986. While in Jane's, Dave bonded with singer, Perry Farrell, through the Ritual De Lo Habitual track, "Then She Did...," since Perry had also lost his mother at a young age.

[After Jane's]:
Dave departed with Eric, and started a new band, Deconstruction, which only lasted for one album. He was then asked to join the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which he put off for a while, but eventually gave in to. He stayed in the Chili Peppers for four years, at which point he said that it just wasn't working anymore. By this time, he had already worked on some new material with drummer, Chad Smith, under the name Spread.

Towards the end of the Chili Peppers days, Dave had taken some time off with Flea to do the Jane's Addiction Relapse tour. This tour lasted for only about a month and a half. Once it was over, and Dave decided to leave RHCP and work on his solo effort, Spread, better known as Trust No One. He took TNO on the road with guitarist Dave Kushner, bassist Miiko Watanabe, and drummer Angel Roche at the end of August 2001.

In 2001, Dave rejoined Jane's Addiction, this time with Martyn LeNoble on bass, for the highyly anticipated Jubile Tour. This reunion evolved into another album by Jane's, with bassist Chris Chaney, entitled Strays, released in July of 2003. They were the main act on the Lollapalooza 2003 bill. Shortly after Lolla, they did an international tour including last minute shows which they called Flashmobs.

[Going To Camp]:
In 2002, Dave joined a group of musicians, including Matt Sorum (GnR), Billy Morrison (The Cult), Donovan Leitch (Nancy Boy), and Scott Ford, under the name Camp Freddy. At their shows, they have several guest appearances by different types of musicians. The current line-up, which includes Chris Chaney instead of Scott Ford, is working on an album to be released through their website in 2004.

[The Return of 6767]:
Following the official Jane's Addiction break-up, Dave's personal site, 6767 has come back to interact with new fans for The Panic Channel with Stephen Perkins, Chris Chaney, and Steve Isaacs. "Don't Try This At Home" has since been released.

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