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You can check out pictures from The Panic Channel's recent stop at the 99X Radio Station in Atlanta, GA by clicking here. Also, just a reminder for anyone in the DC area, they will be on Elliot In The Morning on DC101 Wednesday morning.

Ticketmaster lists The Panic Channel show in Philadelphia on May 27th as being canceled. Also, the May 30th show in Detroit appears to be canceled, as it is no longer listed on TPC's website, nor is it on their tourmap. Thanks to Erik for the heads up.

The new Camp Freddy website is now up. There's a much different layout than the previous two versions, but no new content other than pictures from shows within the last year or so.

Also, if you head over to mySpace: The Panic Channel, you can check out two tracks, "Teahouse Of The Spirtis" and "Why Cry," before becoming available for download on May 16th.


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