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If you go to The Panic Channel website, on the shows page, they've provided links to purchase tickets for nearly every show.

Tickets for TPC's shows in Boston on May 26 will go on sale Friday, April 28th at 12 PM. Also, tickets for the final night of the tour, in Hollywood on Dave's birthday, will go on sale April 27th at 11 AM. Tickets for both shows will be available through Ticketmaster.

Tickets for the TPC show in Scottsdale, AZ on May 17 will go on sale through ticketmaster this Friday, April 21, at 10 AM MDT. As with the other shows, tickets are $15.

In addition to the TPC show on May 20th currently being on sale, there are two additional shows that you can currently purchase tickets for: 05/30 Detroit, MI and 05/31 Chicago, IL. Tickets are $15 for either show.

Also, tickets for the 05/22 show in Atlanta, GA will go on sale this Saturday, April 22, at 10 AM.

There is currently one confirmed show that is part of the upcoming Spring Tour for The Panic Channel at the Meridian in Houston, TX on May 20th. Tickets are $15 and are currently available through ticketmaster. With the TPC website due to be up tomorrow, we should certainly look forward to more dates from their first tour.

There is a short 5 minute clip of footage from the outside performance at the Saturn event held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. It also includes brief interviews with Dave and Scott, as well as other musicians and actors. The clip can be viewed by clicking here.


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