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As posted by Dave on 6767, The Panic Channel now has it's own streaming radio player with various clips including Camp Freddy Radio.

I personally contributed this past weekends CFR show [01/22], and plan on contributing in this manner from here on out. So definately be sure to check there for CFR shows from now on. In the meantime, I will continue to offer CFR shows from last year in Audio.

In regards to CFR, Billy Morrison recently posted the following on the Doheny blog:
"I believe that Camp Freddy radio will be turning into a bi-weekly affair. Dont quote me just yet, but it seems like we will be doing two shows a week, and the station will be re-airing at least one of those as well, so thats three times the amount of current Freddy on air. Should be fun." [01/23]

Somewhat delayed, but:
The Panic Channel has cancelled their February 17th show at the Key Club due to recording time. Also, the upcoming Camp Freddy show at the Key Club [01/27] is no longer free. There will be a $10 charge at the door to aid the tsunami victims.


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