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As Dave had mentioned before, he will likely not be able to make it to this weeks CFR, however he'll make up for lost time on Indie by joining the Suicide Girls on their show this Sunday night at midnight. This information was posted on 6767, and he has hopes of bringing in the webcam.

He will not be on this weekends CFR due to being at the Band Together Festival, which will be held at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, CA. This event is to benefit both Habitat for Humanity and Save The Children.

It's just come to my attention that the CFR rerun schedule on Total Rock (UK) has changed. Instead of broadcasting in one hour incriments on Mondays at 11 PM, and Thursdays at 3 AM, they are now broadcast on Tuesdays at 2 AM GMT, and Wendesdays at 11 PM GMT.

This information is only useful for those seeking 2004 shows, since all 2005 shows are archived and podcast on Dave's site courtesy of yours truly.


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