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The May 9th issue of People magazine has a short article on Carmen's birthday parties on page 55. I've scanned the article and you can read it here.

The current issue of Star magazine has a short article on Dave and Carmen wanting to start a family. You can read that article here. Thanks go out to Shawn for scanning and sending in the article.

The Panic Channel is set to play the Dragonfly in Santa Monica on May 17. This will be their first show since their recording sessions have come to a close.

On tonights Camp Freddy Radio, they announced that they will be playing the 10 year anniversary of the Hard Rock Hotel's opening. This show will be on April 30th at said venue. No guests were announced, however they were considering getting Nick Lachey.

On Thursday, 04/07, Dave's episode of Hollywood Hold 'Em will air on E! This episode, as you might recall, was recorded at Shannon Elizabeths house on February 26th. Dave's Panic Channel bandmate, Steve Isaacs, also plays in this game.


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