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Live: The Panic

The Panic Channel El Capitan Entertainment Center, Los Angeles, CA

Date: 08/21/2006
Location: El Capitan Entertainment Center, Los Angeles, CA


Teahouse Of The Spirits
Left To Lose

Show Information:

Performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dave was on as a guest for his work with Rock Star: Supernova. Jimmy pointed out that last season, Dave was real nice to the contestants, but this season, he's not as nice. Dave replied that last season he bonded with them on an emotional level, which was then hard for him to say they sucked, which is why he's stayed away from that this season.

Jimmy also asked Dave if Jane's Addiction was done for good. All Dave had to say was they've already gotten back together a couple times in their career, and they're all involved in something, so it's highly unlikely.

The Panic Channel performed in the lobby, and were cut off air shortly after starting "Left To Lose."

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