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Live -

Jane's Addiction - El Cid, Los Angeles, CA

Date: 11/20/2008
Location: El Cid, Los Angeles, CA


Trip Away
Standing In The Shower, Thinking
Mountain Song
Ain't No Right
No One's Leaving
Then She Did
Had A Dad
Ocean Size
Chip Away

Show Information:

This was a special performance at another small venue. Dave posted this on his blog about the show:

"During Then She Did, some kind of ghost invaded the circuitry in my amp and pretty much shut it down. We managed to get through it thanks to Dan, my tech, and the skills of my band mates. With Perkins and Avery as the rhythm section, things just keep moving along regardless of any technical issue. After Then She Did, Perry's amazing ability to captivate any room allowed him to engage the audience for 5-10 minutes while my equipment was being repaired."

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