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[Til Death Do Us Part]

"Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave" documents the lives of Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro during the months leading up to their wedding and culminating with the wedding ceremony. MTVís cameras captured Carmen and Dave as they juggled their professional lives, while planning the most important day of their life. Viewers will witness the couple preparing for their anything-but-traditional and extraordinarily sexy wedding. Key events include: Carmen choosing the guest list of rock royalty, picking out the flowers (you can forget about an all white wedding), deciding on the guest performance, the writing of the vows, and last but not least, the bachelor and bachelorette parties (fasten your seat belts!).

About: (#101) Series Premiere [01/21/04]
Carmen and Dave are overwhelmed meeting the wedding planner -- so much to do and so little time! First on the agenda is David LaChappelle's photo shoot for the wedding invitations that has them stripped naked and dead in the morgue. Later on, Dave shows the first signs of frustration when Dad and Stepmom come over to help plan the big event.

About: (#102) [01/28/04]
Dave is heading to Europe, to tour with Jane's Addiction. But before Dave goes he and Carmen must pick the right wedding cake, choose the best flowers and find time for Carmen's dress fitting. There's just a ton to do before Dave takes off and leaves the reigns in Carmen's hands.

About: (#103) [02/04/04]
With Dave still in Europe on the Jane's Addiction tour, Carmen is left in charge back on the home front. There are major decisions to be made regarding the location of the wedding, the blushing bride gets to select her wedding band from the jewelry store where Madonna shops, and Carmen's friends throw her an extravagant Bridal Shower, involving a blow up doll and a midget stripper.

About: (#104) [02/11/04]
Carmen spends her morning checking out a new location for the wedding and in the evening Dave returns triumphantly from the first leg of his European tour. The next morning the reunited couple focus on who's going to sit where at their wedding before heading to Vegas for their combined bachelor/bachelorette party. The Hard Rock Hotel is the scene for this wild night.

About: (#105) [02/18/04]
Just days before the wedding Carmen & Dave sign their marriage license. Later on Carmen tears up as she and Dave pick the song they will dance to at the wedding. With not much time before the big day, Dave decides to have his colon cleaned out. Dave is feeling a little under the weather so a doctor comes to the house and gives him a vitamin shot in his butt. This all leads up to the rehearsal dinner where Carmen & Dave's families are meeting for the first time.

About: (#106) [02/25/04]
The is the morning of the wedding and there's still a lot to be done. Carmen wakes up in the hotel room to find her room still has no heat. Back at the house Dave is trying to relax not sure what to do with himself. He goes down to the gym for one last pre-marriage workout. The entire hotel is preparing for the wedding with the last minute details consuming the wedding planner's staff. Carmen and the bridesmaids get made up as the Dave and the groomsmen prepare for the ceremony to begin. We hear the familiar sounds of the wedding march.

About: (#107) [03/03/04]
This is it! The ceremony is underway as Carmen and Dave exchange the touching vows they wrote themselves. Although one of the live birds that's part of the ceremony tries to disrupt the proceedings Carmen & Dave successfully become husband and wife. And now the party. There's cake and speeches and bouquet tossing but there's also playmates and celebrities and drinking. Dave and his friends even get up on stage and jam. All parties must end and this one does as Carmen and Dave drive off into the future.

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