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Live: The Panic

The Panic Channel MTV Studios, Masonic Temple, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: 08/24/2006
Location: MTV Studios, Masonic Temple, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Blue Bruises
Why Cry

Show Information:

Acoustic performance by Dave and Steve on MTV Live.

After they performed "Blue Bruises," they did a quick interview. The first question they were asked was how they got together.

The host was going to read them an email question, and they went off on a tangent about spam mail. They even showed a screenshot of Steve's blog which currently features an ad for

The first audience question was how they balance promotion for (ONe) while Dave is busy with RockStar. Dave went into detail about how RockStar is just a TV show, or entertainment, whereas TPC is art.

Next, they had a question via webcam about what was the hardest song to play guitar on on (ONe). Dave said it was "Night One" just because of the length and numerous parts is a bit much to remember.

After, the host asked Dave what his three favorite guitar solos were. His answer:
Heart, "Magic Man"
Eddie Money, "Two Tickets To Paradise"
Anything David Gilmore/Jimi Hendrix/ Jimmy Page

Another audience member asked Dave about his influences and how he got started playing guitar. Dave named some names, but also added the people he currently plays with also influence him.

The host closed by asking if it was a relief that there were no expectations for writing and not having any pressure. Steve responded by saying he thought that was the only way it was possible, and they were able to have fun and take it song by song.

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