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Live: The Panic

The Panic Channel MuchMusic Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: 08/24/2006
Location: MuchMusic Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Show Information:

Dave and Steve appeard on Much On Demand to promote the release of (ONe).

They answered some of the basic questions such as how they became a band, why Steve was the right choice, if there was any pressure to sound like Jane's.

The only audience question for Dave was regarding his experiences in Jane's and RHCP that he brought to TPC. His response was that it helped expand himself as a musician to play with many different people.

Just before they wrapped the interview, Steve was asked what his inspiration was for "Why Cry." He shared that it was something he wrote after a heartbreak to help him feel better, but he also added he was able to reconcile with her and they're back together now.

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