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[06/28/06 Last Call w/Carson Daly]

This show was originally recorded on 06/21. Dave stopped by mainly to promote the upcoming Season of RockStar. He shared his views on how this show helps bring rock music off the back-burner since there are so many pop shows such as American Idol.

Dave also took the oppurtunity to mention Spread Radio Live, and to mention how helpful myspace can be for any band since it's some unknown would have the same platform to release content to as he would.

Carson briefly asked Dave how Carmen was, to which Dave responded she was good. He then pulled up a copy of the current Star magazine, and expressed how glad he was that they finally made the cover. On the inside, a photo from their wedding day was photoshopped to show a split between them, which Dave refered to as being disturbing.

The Panic Channel was hardly mentioned. All that was really mentioned was how Dave met Steve Isaacs in a bar, and then they were cut off due to time.

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