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[10/06/04 Big Idea]

Dave and Carmen were among the guests for this show. DOnny opened the show with asking about Dave's recent appearance on the Howard Stern show about taking Savanna home for a three-some.

Donny asked Carmen why most beautiful women like to date rock stars. Her response was mainly just getting "the bad boy." This turned around to Carmen explaining the first date.

Don't Try This At Home also came up, so Dave explained how it all came about from the photobooth idea to the story it is now. He made a point of how there would be parties in his house, yet he was downstairs in the bathroom with a crack pipe and that was his life. He went on to say that his dealer broke down his door on December 31st, because of an OD, and saw that he wasn't really having fun, and checked into rehab.

Random topics brought up with Carmen was the Baywatch run, and the kiss with Paris Hilton when winning an award for best kiss in Starksky and Hutch.

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