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[02/09/04 The Late Late Show]

Dave stopped by to promote Til Death Do Us Part. He also had to answer the Late Late Show 5 Questions, which are as follows:

1. Name three other cities that begin with "Santa."

A. Santa Maria, Santa Anita, Santa Barbara

2. True or False: After the wedding, Carmen wrote all the "Thank You" notes.
A. False. (Dave didn't think they had gotten to that yet)

3. Think of a chocolate covered fruit. Now think of another. Is it a cherry?
A. Yes.

4. Am I the only person in the world who calls you "Dave Electra"?
A. False. (he mentioned he occasionally refers to himself like that)

5. As insincerely as possible, tell me you'll listen to it and get back to me. (hands Dave a cassette tape)
A. What I would do is say "Absolutely" and hand it off to somebody to put in the circular file.

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