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[01/23/04 Last Call w/Carson Daly]

Carmen and Dave were on to promote Til Death Do Us Part. They also played Carsons version of The Newlywed Game.

NewlyWed Questions:

Carmen's questions about Dave:

1. Which of your ex-boyfriends is Dave's favorite?
Carmen's answer: Dennis Rodman, correct answer: B-Real

2. What's Dave's favorite place to make whoopie?
Carmen's answer: bedroom, correct

Dave's questions about Carmen:

1. If she could be any part of your body, what would she be?
Dave's answer: nose, correct answer: abs

2. What's Carmen's favorite synonym for making whoppie?
Dave's answer: "let's hit it," correct ("let me hit that")

3. What celebrity would Carmen most want to hit it with?
Dave's answer: Henry Winkler (the Fonz), correct

This was taped 01/14/04.

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