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[10/11/04 Loveline]

Dave was in the studio partially due to his book coming out. Before they took any calls, Dave was talking with Adam and Dr. Drew about it, saying he pulled it from itís 2001 release because he felt the content wasnít responsible, partially because he mentioned members of his family which he didnít want to let out in the general public. He also mentioned that Neil Strauss spent the full year, June 1998 to June 1999, with Dave and that is why most of it is written in the present tense. He also mentioned it was Marilyn Manson that suggested Dave work with Neil Strauss.

Dave left momentarily to go to the bathroom after the second segment, and Adam and Drew asked if he sits, stands, or uses the sink. He said heís currently a stander, but during his drug years would go in the sink.

[Segment 1:]
Call: Lisa, 24, asking about using Plan B.
Daveís comments: "You know a trip to Disneyland would also be a little bit more fun, go on the spin out. Thatíll work too."

Call: Shane, 17, asking about having sex with a pregnant girl he did not get pregnant.
Daveís comments: "Thereís also something to be said for, you know, this guy just expressed how heís not happy where heís living, itís probably a small boring town, to invite that kindíve drama into your life, you know what Iím saying? Thatís something to focus on."

[Segment 2]
Call: Sarah, 21, has never had an orgasm and was abused at 3.
Daveís comments:
"What does that say about society today, you know, you ask Ďhave you been abused?í and sheís like Ďoh, yeah.í I mean is it that common?"
"If you have dealt with something like that in your life that is so traumatic, that at some point you need to address it and deal with it and move through it."

Call: Susie, 19, wants to meet someone from the internet.
Daveís comments: "There is nothing that a guy hates more than a drop-by, let alone a continental drop-by."

[Segment 3]
Calls: Susie continued; Shelby, able to orgasm through masterbation since age 12 and wonders why she is so different.

[Segment 4]
Call: Kayla, 15, has a hard time letting go of boyfriends.
Daveís comments: none

Call: Nicole, 15, training to be a submissive to her 22 yr old boyfriend.
Daveís comments:
"Do you guys have a code word for when enough is enough?"
"Sooner or later those little outfits are going to start feeling really silly."
"Whatís the nature of your submissive relationship? How does he inflict his dominance?"

Call: Star, 19, wants to know if sheís a sex addict.
Daveís comments:
"Iíve got to tell you guys, Iím thrilled I came out here tonight. This is awesome."
"Youíve got to get clean first, then itís all going to be part of that."

[Segment 5]
Call: Mariah, 22, swings with her husband and are looking to have a three-some.
Daveís comments:
"The couple thing, by the way, is just a little creepy for me."
"Iíve personally had an experience with an old relationship where we would bring a third home. Does not work. Not a good thing."
"My uncle was a swinger and his son grew up to be a proctologist."

[Segment 6]
Call: Amy, 22, wants to tell her husband about the baby she gave up at 16.
Daveís comments:
"Personally, it just seems to make sense that you tell him if itís weighing on your mind like this. I canít imagine having that kindíve a secret from my wife."
"But donít you think the typical Ďwhat else hasnít she told me?í would come up?"
"Hereís one thing that I think is very important for people to realize, and itís been that way for me, is that if it ends in divorce or if you guys separate, whoís to say thatís a failure? Thereís this whole thing about how love has to last forever and ever Ö But you know, I mean, itís a fact of life, and whoís to say you canít learn from it and grow as a result of it?"

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