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[10/04/04 Howard Stern]

Savanna Samson, porn star, was on along with Dave. Howard immediately brought up Don't Try This At Home and tried linking Dave's drug use to the loss of his mother.

Dave was going to play "Stump The Booey" and if Dave won he'd see Savanna naked. Dave was to have a girl with him to have naked but she never showed up. SO either way, Savanna would be naked.

Stump The Booey

"Here's a song, write down the artist and the title." - Howard Stern

Round 1:
Boogey's answer: "Heaven" by Bryan Adams Dave's answer: none

Round 2:
Boogey's answer: "Would I Lie To You" by the Eurythmics
Dave's answer: "Would I Lie" (no artist)

Round 3:
Boogey's answer: "All Out of Love" by Air Supply
Dave's answer: "All Out Of Love" (no artist)

After the game, they woke Carmen up in their hotel room, and Dave asked if she would like Savanna to come home with them, to which Carmen said she wouldn't say on the air. Carmen then said Savanna should just come over since Dave would be busy promoting Don't Try This At Home. Carmen ultimately turned it down.

After the show, Dave was mad because he was so close to a hot three some, and Savanna was upset because she was so close to having Carmen Electra.

originally posted at: Howard Stern.


Dave Navarro came in to promote his new book "Don't try this at home". Dave wrote this book while he was in the middle of the crazy period of his life where he was doing tons of coke and heroin almost every day. He said he agreed to do the book because he figured he'd die before it was published and then when he cleaned himself up he tried to stop Judith Reagan from publishing it. But now that he's happily married to Carmen Electra he figured there was no harm in putting the book out so it's being released. Dave talked a little about his tragic childhood. His mother was murdered by her boyfriend when he was only 15 years old. The murderer is still on death row and Dave doesn't know if he'll ever be executed. He hates how the guy still eats and plays checkers and makes friends. Dave said at his worst, he was doing 9 grams of coke a day. He said it got to point where he was shooting it into his arm. Artie said even he never did that! He also had trouble orgasming while he was high on coke, so hooking up with Carmen Electra gave him incentive to stop.

Howard asked if Carmen did all the things a good girl needs to do to pleasure a man. Howard gave Dave three examples and Dave answered each one:

#1 - Does Carmen ever wake Dave up with oral? (No)
#2 - Does she offer up the back door? (No - never)
#3 - Is she into water sports, like Golden Showers? (Yes, he has done that to her)

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