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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy Empire Ballroom, Las Vegas, NV

Date: 10/22/2005
Location: Empire Ballroom, Las Vegas, NV


Ballroom Blitz
20th Century Boy
Love Removal Machine [w/AJ Popff & Billy Duffy]
Jailbreak [w/AJ Popff & Billy Duffy]
Brass In Pocket [w/Gina Gershon]
God Save The Queen [w/Steve Jones, Billy Morrison on vocals]
Queen Bitch [w/Gina Gershon & Billy Duffy]
Cat Scratch Fever [w/Jani Lane]
Man In The Box [w/Jani Lane]
Whole Lotta Love [w/Pink]
Crackerman [w/Scott Weiland]
Roadhouse Blues [w/Scott Weiland & Billy Duffy]
Suffragette City [w/Steve Jones & Ronnie Vannucci, Donovan on vocals]
I Wanna Be Your Dog [w/everyone]

Show Information:

This show was part of the grand opening of this venue.

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