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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA

Date: 08/05/2005
Location: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA


Ballroom Blitz
20th Century Boy [w/Billy Duffy]
Ziggy Stardust [w/Jerry Cantrell & Billy Duffy]
Should I Stay Or Should I Go [w/Jordis Unga]
Cat Scratch Fever [w/Jerry Cantrell & Mark McGrath]
Pretty Vacant [w/Steve Jones & Mark McGrath]
Search And Destroy [w/Billy Morrison (vocals), Billy Duffy & Steve Jones]
Rock Superstar [w/Cypress Hill & Slash]
Whole Lotta Love [w/David Draiman, Slash & Jerry Cantrell]
Surrender [w/Scott Weiland, Slash & Billy Duffy]
Bodies [w/Scott Weiland, Slash & Steve Jones]
Rooster [w/Jerry Cantrell, David Draiman & Jerry Cantrell]
Paradise City [w/Cypress Hill, David Draiman, Slash & Billy Duffy]
I Wanna Be Your Dog [w/everybody]

Show Information:

Performance at the X Games Party. Stephen Perkins filled in on drums becuase Matt was unable to attend due to a recent injury that's left him with a fractured hand.

All of the RockStar: INXS contestants were in attendance. Since it was Jordis' birthday, she was invited to perform with them.

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