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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy Hanger 8, Los Angeles, CA

Date: 12/03/2004
Location: Hanger 8, Los Angeles, CA


Ballroom Blitz
Ziggy Stardust
Get It On [w/Michael Des Barres]
Rock N Roll [w/Michael Des Barres]
Should I Stay Or Should I Go [w/Billy Duffy]
Jailbreak [w/Jerry Cantrell & Billy Duffy]
Man In The Box [w/Terri Nunn & Jerry Cantrell]
My Sharona [w/Doug Feiger]
Brass In Pocket [w/Macy Grey]
Metro [w/Terri Nunn]
Feel Like Making Love [w/Michael Des Barres, Terri Nunn, Jerry Cantrell]
Rain [w/Leif Garret & Billy Duffy]
Pretty Vacant [w/Mark McGrath & Steve Jones]
Search And Destroy [w/everyone]

Show Information:

This show was a private christmas party for the Activision Company.

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