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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy The Roxy, Hollywood, CA

Date: 12/11/2009
Location: The Roxy, Hollywood, CA


Start Me Up
Back In Black [w/Phil X]
Blue Monday [w/Jay Gordon]
Round and Round [w/Mark McGrath]
Eighties [w/Mark McGrath]
Should I Stay Or Should I Go [w/Billy Morrison on vocals & Billy Duffy]
Firewoman [w/Franky Perez & Billy Duffy]
Brass In Pocket [w/Macy Gray]
Just What I Needed [w/Deryck Whibley & Steve Jones]
Rebel Yell [w/Deryck Whibley, Steve Stevens & Steve Jones]
Crazy Train [w/Frankie Perez]
Shy Boy [w/Billy Sheehan & Steve Vai]
Tobacco Road [w/Franky Perez, Billy Gibbons, Billy Sheehan & Steve Vai]
Paradise City [w/Cypress Hill, Duff McKagan & Steve Vai]
Sharp Dressed Man [w/Billy Gibbons & Steve Vai]

Show Information:

The second of three Decades residency shows, this show was all songs from the 80's.

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