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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy Harry-O's, Park City, UT

Date: 01/19/2009
Location: Harry-O's, Park City, UT


Hello There
Tie Your Mother Down
Rock N Rolls All Nite
EMI [w/Mark McGrath & Billy Duffy]
Jailbreak [w/Billy Duffy]
White Wedding [w/Billy Morrison on vocals, & Billy Duffy]
Suffragette City
Just What I Needed
Cat Scratch Fever [w/Mark McGrath]
Rebel Yell [w/Corey Taylor]
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love [w/Corey Taylor]
Ace Of Spades [w/Corey Taylor]
All Right Now
La Grange [w/Billy Gibbons]
Foxy Lady [w/Billy Gibbons]
I Wanna Be Your Dog [w/everyone & Shaun White]

Show Information:

Performance at the Sundance Film Festival. Dave was not part of this show, so Steve Stevens filled in for him.

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