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Live: Camp

Camp Freddy Galpin Auto Sports, Van Nuys, CA

Date: 10/18/2008
Location: Galpin Auto Sports, Van Nuys, CA


Hello There
Just What I Needed
Girls Got Rhythm
Seven Nation Army [w/Macy Gray]
20th Century Boy
Wild Flower [w/Billy Duffy]
Rebel Yell [w/Mark McGrath & Steve Stevens]
Jam [w/Xzibit & DJ Invisible]
Suffragette City
EMI [w/Steve Jones]
Rock Superstar [w/Cypress Hill & Slash]
Paradise City [w/Cypress Hill & Slash]
Crazy Train [w/Ozzy Osbourne]
Iron Man [w/Ozzy Osbourne]
Paranoid [w/Ozzy Osbourne, Slash & Steve Jones]
I Don't Know [w/Ozzy Osbourne]

Show Information:

This was a performance at a private party for the opening of Galpin Auto Sports. During the jam with Xzibit and DJ Invisible, Dave took a shot at the turn-tables.

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