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JANE magazine - November 2001

Dave Navarro, musician, on Carmen Electra, actor

We were on a blind date, although of course I knew who she was. The moment she walked into the restaurant, I thought, "I'm a dead man, it's over. I'm done." Carmen was, how can I put this? Much more beautiful than I expected, in a very classical way. I was very surprised and moved by her charming vulnerability. She had on this white fur coat, her hair was down, and her eyes pierced my heart from 20 yards away. The first thing I did was buy her 1,200 pairs of sunglasses to cover up those eyes. I couldn't risk anyone else having the same reaction. I didn't think she'd be my type, but she ended up being my archetype. It was an energy that went off. Are you getting all this? Play a joke on her, though. Tell her my first impression of her was, "Nice rack."

Carmen on Dave

Oh, my God. Dave said that? No he didn't. He is such a gentleman. My first impression of him is from when I was getting my hair done at my house, sitting in front of the TV, and there was a Red Hot Chili Peppers speacial on. I said, "he's fine." A year later, we finally went on a blind date, and it was an instant attraction. We met on the 10th, so now we make a point to try and spend the 10th of each month together. He even proposed on the 10th of August.

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