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Guitar One - July 2003

"YOU GET A LIVE VERSION OF US, AND YOU get a studio version of us," says Jae's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. "We're loose perfectionists in the studio, which means we want to capture the human element and human error and elaborate on the magical moments that happen by being human beings playing together with a certain level of sensibility in the studio. And live, we're a whole other animal; we're raw, and we don't try to recreate records."

Longtime followers of the seminal L.A. group know Navarro is not BS-ing when he speaks of the rawness of the band live. But even the most ardent Jane's admirers might have a hard time remembering how to distinguish the live version of Jane's from the studio one.

The last Jane's record was a distant 13 years ago. Now, with the immenent release of the Bob Ezrin-produced Hypersonic, the band will finally get a chance to showcase both forms of Jane's, side by side.

Navarro promises the band will make the most of this oppurtunity, just because they can't wait to get out there and play the new album live. "I love to play 'Price I Pay' live; I love to play 'Wrong Girl'," he says of his favorite tracks to play live from Hypersonic. Then he adds, "Frankly, there aren't really any that I don't love to play."

For Navarro, the oppurtunity to go out with so many quality players is the real highlight of Lollapalooza. "There's something to be said about having great musicians on a tour; it's going to bring the greatest musicianship out of all the players on the tour," he believes.

Navarro is particularly excited to share the stage with is Audioslave axeman Tom Morello. "I think Tom is fantastic; he's one of my favorite all-time guitarists because of his use of sound; he takes guitar playing in a unique direction," Navarro says.

Though he's probably seen his fellow SoCal guitar hero countless times, as the two have come through the L.A. scene together, Navarro shows no signs of being jaded about getting to watch him on a nightly basis. "I'll be on the side of the stage in his line of vision, getting the best out of him," the Jane's guitarist promises.

As a musician he's hoping for the exact same treatment from Morello. "He'll probably do the same for me," says Navarro, "and I'll be excited about that, because I know that at the end of this tour, I'll be twice the guitar player I am now."

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